AWS is one of the leading Cloud service providers with loads of services. AWS CodePipeline is the service which AWS provides for CI/CD. It is really a pain to login every time to AWS console to check the status of the pipeline if the new build succeeded or not.

Sending notifications regarding the status of the pipeline stages could be helpful. Let’s figure out how that could be done in AWS CodePipeline. And this could be done in AWS Free Tier Account!

Create Notification Rule in AWS CodeCommit

Login to the AWS Console and navigate to the CodePipeline that you desire to use. …

What is OWASP?

OWASP, in short for Open Web Application Security Project is a non profit foundation that would focus more on improving the security practices of an application.

Some activities of the foundation include,

  1. Community trainings related to Security
  2. Periodically release Vulnerability rankings so that the Application development team could take those factors into consideration for building Secure Applications — OWASP Top 10
  3. Build open Source tools that could be used in improving the Security side of the application.
  4. Develop and provide other documentation such as Cheat sheets, Checklists related to Security.

What is OWASP Dependency Check?

OWASP Dependency Check is a Software Composition Analysis tool that…

We might be familiar with the Android platform and enjoy using all the applications from Play Store or any custom stores. But, have you ever wondered what is happening behind the screens for you to enjoy? Let’s try to figure it out.

Let’s try to go from scratch.

Consider that you are buying a brand new mobile phone(Let’s pretend that you buy an Android mobile even if you are a millionaire :P ).What will you do after unwrapping? Obviously , your Dopamine level boosts up and you try to switch it on.

Let’s pause and think for a moment..


Virtual reality is a fascinating technology, as we know, but there are differences in how you experience Virtual reality. As a user, I can experience the virtual world by either HMD or CAVE environments. Since they serve the awesome purpose of bringing the tech to life, they compete with each other. Before going into the race between HMD and CAVE, let’s try to understand how they work.

Understanding CAVE

CAVE is an acronym for Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. It is a virtual reality room-sized environment where a user would be experiencing VR by the use of LCD shutter glasses.

Cave Automatic Virtual Environment(CAVE)

As you can…

I was wondering for a while how to persist the data in an activity when the activity lifecycle is completed and recreated. Finally, answer found!


For those who are new to Android Development, an activity could be the single screen that the user views in an application. For every navigation from one screen to another within an application, the user navigates from one activity to another.

When activity would be recreated?

It is important to understand the lifecycle of an activity. When I use the word recreation, it implies that it is already created at least once. Hence, activity recreation would happen when you come…

While working with Android Studio projects, we would require many assets to be included in our application’s Activity.

Resources in Android Studio

Resources are files that are included as part of the project to make use of, mostly for the purpose of UI. UI plays major role in customer attraction and satisfaction, thus resources play key role in determining these factors.

Image resources are image files included such as PNG, SVG etc., that are used in our project. However, not all file formats could be used directly as resources in Android development.

In case of image resources, it is almost unavoidable to make use…

Unity Test Runner Window

I am working on an Unity project in which the CI build failed due to some addition / removal of code in the ignored play mode tests. You can learn more about testing in Unity here .

Tests are not strictly part of CI , but it is typically included.

What are ignored tests?

Usually , tests are written to make sure that any future changes in the functionality does not affect the previous functionalities and ensure proper building on top of it.

I am working on a project in which I am trying to build applications for HoloLens 1 from Unity.


The prerequisites for building a project for HoloLens 1 would be including Windows 10 installed in your system, Microsoft Visual Studio and obviously Unity.

Settings in PC

Firstly, the developer mode should be enabled on the PC. Navigate through Settings>Update&Security>For Developers. Enable developer mode and turn on the device portal and Device Discovery.

DLL Settings

HoloLens makes use of Windows Mixed Reality OS. And the CPU architecture of HoloLens 1 is x86. So select the DLL file used for building HoloLens application.

In the Inspector window…

The .so files are similar to dll files which are used for dynamic linking purposes. The main advantages of implementing shared library concept is for fast performance of the application used.

I am working on a project that makes use of .so files for an android build. These .so files are mainly meant for Linux applications. I had an issue in bundling .so files within Unity. ADB platform tools helped in figuring it out.

To figure out whether the .so files are bundled or not, go to the folder in which the project is saved. You will find an apk…

I am working on a project that makes use of System.Drawing.dll and gdiplus.dll. I am currently working on macOS High Sierra and got stuck with the following error.

DllNotFoundException:/Users/builduser/builds/vm/mono/external/buildscripts/add_to_build_results/monodistribution/lib/libgdiplus.dylib System.Drawing.GDIPlus..cctor ()(at < 7026bacc22c446e78b11ff1 30428 baf7 > : 0 ) Rethrow as TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘System.Drawing.GDIPlus’ threw an exception. System. Drawing. Bitmap.. ctor (System.Int32 width, System.Int32 height, System. Drawing. Imaging. PixelFormat format) (at <7026bacc22c446e78b11ff130428baf7>:0)(wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)System. Drawing. Bitmap.. ctor (int, int, System. Drawing. Imaging. PixelFormat)

In wiki terms, dll stands for dynamic link library. Why is it used? It is used for better performance basically. The .dll files are imported…

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